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About HELI147


A number of years ago, just before we were all hit by the COVID pandemic, a number of engineers spoke a lot about training. Some of these engineers went on to create a training organisation that initially delivered familiarisation and non approved training courses. Naturally, some of our customers were very pleased with the knowledge, experience and practical application in any instruction delivered. 
HELI147 maintenance training came to be, a maintenance training organisation currently approved by EASA and the UK CAA.


Our main objective is to provide quality maintenance type training.

How do we do this? 
The training is delivered by qualified instructors who are experienced engineers.
(Therefore Instruction for engineers is by trained, qualified and importantly experienced engineers)

The delivery of training is suited for new and experienced engineers alike, however there are prerequisites for HELI147 to enrol candidates on their courses. Please get in touch to discuss your training needs vs our quality training provision.

Current approvals


HELI147 is currently approved to deliver A109 series, AW139 and AW169 (with respective engines) training courses with EASA and UK CAA.


Theoretical training elements are delivered in classroom and via distance learning. Examinations are always conducted in person by our approved invigilators and examination staff. 

Practical training and assessments are carried out by trained, experienced on type and qualified Supervisors and assessors


Non approved training means EASA/UK CAA do not mandate oversight on training courses that will not be used to support applications for endorsement on licenses.


Question: My CAMO engineer is new to my company and has little or no experience with helicopters?

Answer: HELI147 can provide bespoke yet applicable to job role familiarisation training.

It is important for you to invest 4 hours in familiarisation training rather than engage to investigate for 4 hours only to resolve one issue at time. 


We are always keen to hear from interested, motivated and capable individuals. If you aren't qualified but experienced as a B1.3/B2/C licensed engineer or equivalent we would take you onboard, train and develop you further.


As of 2022 we have heard, seen and witnessed the growing shortage of aviation support personnel - this may be your opportunity to help the new entrants into our challenging but rewarding (not necessarily financially) industry. 

If you are interested in theoretical instruction and or practical assessment, please contact us. 



Please email

or complete the contact form below to enquire about scheduled courses

Thanks for submitting, we monitor all enquiries and will reply soon!

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